Daehyuk Sim

While the astonishing likeness of Daehyuk Sim’s portraits and figure paintings initially attracts us, it is the humanity and warmth with which this South Korean artist infuses his work that draws us in and makes us want to linger in contemplation.

Sim is a consummate draftsman whose work demonstrates a profound understanding of human anatomy, while also probing the emotional landscape that defines each of us. He has a deep respect for the human spirit, finding beauty in the ordinary forms of his family and friends, his models.

Sim renders skin tone, musculature and female curves with accuracy and precision in his small figurative oil paintings. Through his masterful use of the difficult medium, he also imbues his jewel-like scenes of stillness with a painterly, diaphanous quality, achieved through many hours of re-working the canvas, finished with multiple layers of glazing.

Born in Pusan, South Korea, Sim grew up in a home surrounded by art. His father, a well known artista, and mother encouraged Daehyuk to pursue his chosen art form.

In 1999, Sim moved to New York to study Illustration at FIT and later figurative art at the New York Academy of Art, where he was mentored by Edward Schmidt, Dan Thompson and Steven Assel and recieved MFA. Honing his skills as a draftsman and developing the technical prowess with oil, for which he is known today, Sim had found his artistic calling.

Sim’s work has been featured in Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), Susan Eley Fine Art (NY), Figureworks Gallery (NY), Phillips de Pury & Company (NY), National Arts Club (NY), The Society of Illustrators (NY) and numerous international art fairs.

Daehyuk Sim currently lives and works in Long Island City, NY.