Cynthia Alberto

I am an artist and teacher. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City, where I studied textile surface design with a specialization in weaving. In 2007, I founded Weaving Hand, a Brooklyn based studio for children and adults that celebrates the art of hand weaving. In addition, Weaving Hand is a healing arts studio. Weaving Hand facilitates weaving as a creative tool to enhance developmental growth of children and adults with intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities. I am also a resident artist at League Artist Natural Design (LAND) in DUMBO, a studio and gallery that feature work of adult artists living with disabilities. As a former employee of Odegard, I was inspired by the hand-knotted rugs that sustained weaving communities, and raised awareness and respect for the legacy of textile and carpet weaving. Weaving Hand studio focuses on the traditions of countries such as Nepal, Guatemala, Bolivia, Philippines, Japan, Laos, Morocco and Tibet. I exhibited my work around the world, and was the recipient of the Dan River Weaving Award, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, Peters Valley Craft Center Art Educator Scholarship.

I am a weaver. Weaving is my life that crosses over from textile art form to a healing expression. My personal work as a weaver and fiber artist is to bridge the traditional and modern forms of weaving. I highly respect the weaving traditions of cultures and I have embraced them through my personal expression. I weave with wires, hairs and other materials.

I am very passionate about weaving, helping communities and the collective communal consciousness. I work with children and adults with developmental disabilities. I weave with them and it has given me a new meaning to my life. Weaving is very humble. To start with a long strand of thread and to finish with a piece of cloth. To see a finish product unfold in front of you is a very humbling experience.