Chris Roberts-Antieau

I’m not sure I really chose to be an artist-I feel more like art chose me. My earliest memories are filled with art: sitting on the living room floor, drawing horses and copying fashion illustrations, or sketching the landscape from the backseat of my father’s car. I’ve always seen the world in pictures, and I’ve always communicated best through images-I think I’ve always been an artist.

I could name influences like Miro and Van Gogh, but in reality, I think I’ve been most inspired by things closer to home-the drawings my son Noah did as a child, the playful and profound tradition of American folk art, and the laughter and wonder of simple “everyday” joys: favorite pets, good wine, close family, great friends.

Often, when people are moved by one of my pieces, they’ll ask me what it means. I like to tell them that it means whatever they see, and I really enjoy it when people take the time to tell me what a piece means to them. It gives me a chance to see my work from a whole new angle.

But while my pieces don’t have any rigid “meanings”, I do hope they express a deep feeling of joy. My parents always taught me that anything is possible, and I’ve seen that come true: I’ve been able to follow my calling, I love what I do, and I’m humbled by the many blessings in my life.