Carole Bolsey

Carole Bolsey works on a large scale in paint on canvas, installations, sculpture, and architectural design. Her work appears in public and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. She taught painting, drawing, and visual studies at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for Visual and Environmental Studies and Graduate School of Design, from 1983-1996.

A native of New York, she lives and works on the South Shore of Massachusetts Bay.

Bolsey’s artwork centers on nature in highly simplified landscapes interpreted through abstracted qualities of light, space, gesture and scale. Barns and watershacks, rowboats and canoes, skiffs and workboats, open land, water, and skies reflect each other in brilliant contrasts of light and shadow, near and far, immensity and small scale. This artist is known for the dynamic energy and painterly expressiveness of her work. Bolsey uses large scale to “generate spaces that aren’t there, to physicalize the experience so it feels like stepping outdoors.”

Image courtesy of Celia Pearson