Carol Hoffnagle

Carol has lived and worked on both coasts and now calls Montana home. In her studio under the “Big Sky” she is creating bold, showy floral pieces that burst onto the canvas and announce their glory. At the same time, her use of colored pencil also allows her to reveal tiny details and communicate the fragile nature of each beautiful flower.

Carol earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of New Rochelle in New York and spent many years printmaking, painting and drawing in California. Her art has been widely published, exhibited in galleries throughout the country, licensed as needlepoint designs, and repeated on textiles and ceramics. Her note cards are sold and sent all over the world.

Other artists have praised Carol for her command of negative space. She challenges the limitations of the canvas to give independence and a dramatic sense to each flower, capturing both its nature and its beauty. Her work can be seen in the collections of many discriminating patrons.

She also has embarked on a series of Architectural colored pencil drawing based on topographic maps, building elevations, historic symbols and just about anything she finds visually engaging.