Carol Carter

Carol Carter is an internationally-renowned St. Louis artist who in the last decade has focused her talent on watercolor. Her lush, brilliant images have garnered worldwide awards and exhibitions, cover stories in art magazines, and a prominent place in bank, airline, hotel, hospital and university collections.

Carol works in series, and her themed shows reveal evolving passions. From sensual swimmers and nudes to fanciful creatures and exotic landscapes, she paints the dazzling and vivid-colored world she sees. Her signature look: electric pigments that are pure and powerful; a juxtaposition of color that evokes surprise and vibrancy; shapes that
shimmer and glow. Her accolades in the international art world—reaching from Toulouse to St. Thomas, Bangkok to Bruges—began in 2002 when the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador sponsored a solo exhibit. Since then her shows and prizes in 13 countries have led to international work as an artist-in-residence, ambassador, lecturer, juror, and workshop teacher. She was recently voted Master Signature Member into the American Women Artists.