Cally Krallman

Artist’s statement:
“I have been painting in the Midwest, primarily Kansas, for about fifteen years. I have traveled to many places but I am
still drawn to the simplistic beauty of Kansas. Many people think of Kansas as just a flat agricultural state, but in fact it is
full of wonderful rolling hills, tree lined rivers and creeks, and other unique land formations. The sunrises and sunsets are
breathtaking and calming at the same time. Our four seasons create a myriad of colors worthy of any artist’s palette.
Any artist can see the grandeur of the great mountains and oceans, but to find beauty in the simplest of rocky plains, tall
native grasses, back roads, meandering creeks, fields of grain, takes someone who loves the region… loves the plains.
Regional art plays an important role in American history. I feel it not only records our place in time, but it is a window for
others to see the ordinary in a not so ordinary way. I try to share that in each painting I create.”