C.T. Whitehouse

“The intent of my work with bronze is simply to express the nature and beauty of the material itself.

From the original designs in wax I make each bronze form unique each showing subtle variation of texture and color. Use of simple forms frees the viewer to see the qualities of bronze without concern for subject or detail. Light is of major interest to me; therefore the coloring or patina, which is a natural occurrence, is only slightly manipulated to enhance each piece.

These forms in bronze are contemporary creations yet hold primitive connotations. Minimal uses of finishing techniques allow a closer connection to the casting process – the pouring of the metal at a temperature of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process generates tremendous energy, not too different from the energy that created earth and life. It is here, I hope, that when holding one of my forms, you will look beyond the initial interest and feel the timeless beauty and power of bronze.”

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