Brigitte Rutenberg

I work in several mediums, in the form of paper quilts, glass books, and masks. The quilts consist of stamp-sized vellum tabs which are partially mounted on board, each carrying its own small ink drawing. They are assembled, by the hundreds, until a complete quilt has been completed. Their images portray objects that women identify with, use, admire, wear and celebrate with in daily life.

The glass books are made of individual glass plates onto which I draw with India ink. The images relate strongly to the shapes on which they appear, are abstract and/or integrate patterns of my invention. They are mounted and joined as sculptures into open standing books.

The masks are inspired by the various modes with which people create images of themselves, be it with make-up, tatoos or fashion statements. These are a close link, technically, to my method of paper quilting.

I have been making art for over 30 years, resulting in a long list of exhibitions, awards, participation, travel and collectors. I work in Philadelphia, PA, Vermont and Paris/France.