Boisali Biswas

“The subject matter of my work is drawn from my own life experiences, trips, thoughts and surroundings. Being from India, a country with an extremely rich heritage of Art and Culture, I have always had a deep rooted attachment to traditional art forms of India and owe some of my stylization to the captivating traditional patterns and the rich array of colors. Adapting to Western Styles and techniques, combining them with my lifelong fascination for ethnic arts around the world, have all been a melting pot for me to create this multicultural ‘canvas’.”

Boisali Biswas received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the International University, Visva Bharati at Shantiniketan (Abode of Peace) in India founded by the poet, writer, painter, musician, educationist, philosopher, Nobel Laureate (Literature) Rabindranath Tagore. Of her education Biswas writes, “the education at this unique university, Visva Bharati , during my formative years as an artist, have had a profound influence on my life, mind and my creative abilities. Even after being thousands of miles away from it for almost twenty years, I can feel it’s presence in my daily life.