Anita Shrager

“I work exclusively in oil because of the richness of color. Impressionism, basically, has come to mean ‘the effect of light on color.’ That is why it is so important to me to do all or most of my painting outside in plein air,” says Anita Shrager. “The light changes rapidly, so I begin putting down the large abstract areas of color, trying to work on the entire canvas. The palette must remain clean and pure, and I use a medium that helps the layers of color dry quickly as I move from big masses to smaller spots of color to define shapes, looking for the lightest and darkest. To me, there is no place that I would rather paint than Bucks County. The luminous Delaware River, colorful river towns, and snowy vistas inspire. Even the most mundane subjects are strikingly beautiful when the mood is captured with brilliant color.”

Source: Bucks County Artists Database