Wimmitji Tjapangarti

Born in the bush, probably near Percival Lakes c.1925, Wimmitji was a Kukatja speaker who lived at Mulan and Balgo and had been painting since 1987. His country was Kuta Kuta, near Percival Lakes. He painted Tingari stories for this region, including the Native Cat ceremony for Tjatjati, north of Jupiter Well, Papa (Dingo) and Wati Kutjarra Two Men) Dreamings for Tjawuwirpa, and Snake Dreaming at Nyinmingka. The artist spent all his early years in this area and knew all its sacred places. Wimmitji’s works have a quite idiosyncratic look: they appear rough with much overlain dotting and many different shapes and forms. This gives them a look of great age which may add to perceptions of their ‘authenticity’ – though from the artist’s perspective this came from his great involvement in the Law. All speak volumes of the artist’s country and its many associated stories. He sold his work through Warlayirti Artists.