Toni Arnett

“I guess I was born an artist – I am not able to remember when I didn’t have a crayon, pencil, or brush in my hand,” declares Toni Arnett.

To her, school was very boring, so when the tests were passed out she would just draw horses on them. They passed her anyway, but she does not know why.

College was different. She studied hard and made good grades getting a degree in business rather than following her passion in art. She now knows that doing what one loves is the secret to a rich fulfilling life. Toni also learned it’s never too late.

Her art education came mainly from workshops taught by artists she admired. Painting the drama of light she learned from Frank Gervasi. Millard Sheets told her, “Never paint the same color twice.” From Glenna Goodacre, she received an education in the basics.

Toni Arnett’s goal to capture the soul of what she paints. She believes without this capturing the soul of the piece is just a painting, not necessarily art. It must hold onto the viewer in a special way. This connection to others is her joy in painting.