Thomas Dougherty

“I begin most of my paintings with a loose drawing on untoned canvas or paper. This drawing is usually done directly in oil paint. I then gradually build up the image in the traditional manner of working from dark to light. During the first round of painting, I attempt to capture the mood of the landscape by sensing the color and tones around me, rather than seeing them. In subsequent rounds, I make color and value adjustments, while also firming up the drawing. After allowing the paint to dry, I make any necessary subtle changes through the use of glazes. I believe a painter should treasure his or her own instincts. I strive to transcend visual reality and have an introspective approach in which the elements of the painting are manipulated with little regard for the concrete facts of nature. In my current work, I am seeking a more abstract quality, by simplifying and breaking down the landscape into large simple shapes. The technique is more freely brushed with broader masses of color. In some of these paintings, I’m pushing the colors and values to achieve a more dramatic effect. For me these paintings are not meant to be typical of the American narrative landscape painter, but are intended to create a mood and bring forth an emotional response from the viewer. It’s not just about making images, it’s about having a consistent approach to thinking
with a brush.”

Thomas Dougherty attended the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art, Massachusetts, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His work has been included in numerous group and solo exhibitions and can be found in many collections throughout the United States.