Scott Martin

It is my purpose as an artist to interpret reality, to simplify it, reorganize it and reinterpret it. I want my work to capture a moment in time, visually. To do this I focus on color and how it influences our perception of time and space, and how it can project mood.

Capturing the mood of a moment visually can only be accomplished by working “en plein air”. One must witness first hand the fleeting light and changes that happen during the painting process. Experiencing the atmosphere of a location is the only way to translate the mood honestly.

I do not intend to reproduce the colors of nature, but rather to be influenced, guided and inspired by them.

I am drawn to the overall sense of balance in nature, and to the contrasts and complements that act as exclamation points to enhance our experience.

I believe that a good painting should be a temporary escape into a personal visual reality. I would like for my landscapes to feel familiar, recognized as a place where you have been, or perhaps, a place where you would like to be.