Robert Yoder

Robert Yoder is known for his playfully modern re-constructions. Using industrial vinyl, reflective tape and magazine pages, Yoder works as a sculptor cutting and combining these materials with his drawings. He translates pattern into language, referencing the written word, cryptology, and even urban planning/cartography.

The artist states, “There is a nostalgia that is associated with landscape painters. I create landscapes from used and discarded road construction signs. My goal is to update the genre, to treat it with an abstract detachment that will allow multiple views of the same scene. Roads, buildings, parks, airports and civic centers are just a few of my subjects. I am portraying a landscape that does not exist, yet with each decision new questions arise. Where do architecture and land begin? How do I represent multiple views of an object when that object doesn’t even exist? Answers to these and other questions are what I pursued in this group of work. As I work, an unease arises as vistas are created and the landscape expanded.”