Rhoda Ross

As a small town native New Englander, I arrived in New York City in 1967 and was overwhelmed by the skyscrapers and masses of concrete. From the roof of my building I started painting the vastness of my adopted city. Then, took my easel to the street, painting landmarks and storefronts, toting my canvas and brushes farther and farther into the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Later, I painted the mammoth, melancholy, elegant decaying West Village piers and the crowded lively riders on subway cars and ferries.

Sometimes pollution is wonderful. It can create beautiful colors in the atmosphere. In the city we loose touch with the most rewarding times of the day. The light is always changing as is the city.

I have worked in recent summers in New Hampshire where my focus has been on the unique landscape of woods, rivers, bridges, rocks and reflections. I have also been working there in my studio from live models and painting portraits.

Source: https://rhodaross.com/biography/