Philippe Anthonioz

Philippe Anthonioz is a French sculptor and artist from Paris, France. Philippe was born in Paris on December 7th 1953. He is self-taught and started his career working with Nadia Pasquer, Raymond Mason and finally with Diego Giacometti. Philippe’s work has been exhibited extensively in museums around the world. He lives and works in Paris.

“In 1980, young Parisian artist Philippe Anthonioz received an unusual request. Diego Giacometti, a friend of his father’s, had taken a massive commission of furniture and lighting for the city’s new Picasso Museum, and the 78-year-old was having trouble with his aging hands. Would Anthonioz help? “He asked me to work with him for a few weeks—I ended up staying three years,” says Anthonioz, then a student of carpentry who was soon inducted into the ancient practice of lost-wax bronze casting. While the animal imagery Giacometti favored was not for him, Anthonioz fell hard for the scumbled, finger-marked surfaces of bronze and its ghostly opposite, plaster—both of which he’s employed ever since. A compact show of his recent sculpture and photography is on view at the Ralph Pucci gallery in New York through January 31, revealing Anthonioz to be deft in a variety of media—and consistent in his methods. “I’ve had the same Rolleiflex since I was 14,” he says. “I don’t want to use a computer. I use my hands.” – The Wall Street Journal