Orlonda Uffre

As a visual artist, most of my art is based on a narrative aesthetic. My internal cultural perspective stems from the African-Caribbean experience, and has evolved to incorporate a vantage point that acknowledges, the ancestral place of knowing in the language of Vodou. This is the cosmic axis of poteau mitan and the point of inspiration where self and spirit are one. I begin from this place and this thought, to allow for a greater openness to unspoken truths, beyond the domain of conventional history and the established narratives.

This focus, continues to evolve, as I explore theories and alternative frames of reference associated with aesthetics and the construction of art histories. More often then not, I find that this focus guides or helps to articulate my core value system and is reflected in my paintings. I view my art as an attempt to capture something of the sublime between nature and culture, as well as the expressions of spirituality, which are abstractions of culture.

Occasionally, my focus on the figurative aspects in art stems from a desire to bear witness to the history, vitality and complexity of African Diaspora cultures. I tell a story through images that capture simple everyday moments. The images and the people are real, although forever changed by the continuing legacy of colonialism.