Natalia Gamez

“My work is inspired by nature and the role of traditional craft in culture. . . . I explore duality through the mix and juxtaposition of novel and experimental materials within each work, designing what could be thought of as impossible objects.”

Natalia Ortega Gamez’s Morivivi exemplifies her interest in nature, craft, and the unexpected. Large clay pots hold wire cages, similar to those used to support climbing plants. Missing is the main attraction—the plant that is the entire reason for the pots and wire supports. The title adds further depth to the work. Morivivi, also called Mimosa pudica, is a plant native to the Caribbean. The plant is remarkable for its reaction to both light and touch; its leaves close in the dark or when touched, and reopen in daylight. Hence its many nicknames, including “touch-me-not,” and “shy plant.” Examining Gamez’s work, one almost wonders if the plant has somehow left of its own accord.