Mona Jordan

Mona Jordan worked in oil, acrylic, pastel and charcoal. Her career spanned working in postwar Tokyo and Naples, Italy and later Florida. She also spent time in the art community of Ajjic, Mexico. Jordan studied art at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. Influenced by other artists including Velasquez, El Greco, Modigliani, Schiele, Diebenkorn, and de Staƫl, her style changed over time to figurative abstraction and cubist chiaroscuro.

Her work has been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou (American Women Artists in Paris, 1980), the American Watercolor Society, the Salamagundi Club (NY), the American Pastel Society, the Four Arts Society (Palm Beach), Major Florida Artists (Naples, FL) and two National Academy of Design Biennales (NY, 1984/1986). While living in Naples, she exhibited in the 1953 American Painting Exhibition in Bodighera, Italy. Modernist art collector Peggy Guggenheim lent paintings by Robert Motherwell, Man Ray, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Richard Pousette Dart, Joseph Cornell, Virginia Admiral (mother of Robert De Niro), to the Bodighera exhibition. Her friend Jean Cocteau wrote an introduction to the catalog.

The National Gallery of Art, the US Environmental Agency, the Boeing Company, Puget Sound College, the US Air Force Academy and many private collections own paintings by Mona Jordan. She painted portraits of numerous Florida personalities, including Bill Nelson, current NASA Administrator. Mona Jordan served on the board of the Dali Museum. She taught art at various institutes. Grumbacher retained her as a professional demonstrator. Slides of Jordan’s work are archived at the Ringling Museum of Art’s Florida Archives, the American Contemporary Arts and Crafts Library and the Florida Arts Council.