Lisa Grey

Lisa Grey’s work is about discovery, contemplation, collaboration and embracing the unknown. She is open to possibilities when exploring new techniques, always pushing the boundaries, particularly when she is told that something can’t be done.

Grey has spent many hours in front of blank surfaces waiting for the muse to appear. Her artwork is the creative visualization of an idea. It may come from the world around her, from a quote or a picture seen in a periodical, from a conversation, and often seemingly out of nowhere. Some of us gather our thoughts, and then seeing where they take us. Others confront the white canvas, rely on intuition and hope to arrive somewhere special in the end. She practices a bit of both. Relying on years of playing with color and texture as well as a mixed bag of printing and dyeing techniques. I often find myself exploring new directions because I enjoy the adventure yet I try to remember to revisit familiar places to see if I can view them with a different perspective. If I’m lucky, it all comes together, though the result may be unexpected.