Law Kwok Leung

Law Kwok Keung was born in Guangzhou, China. Law graduated from art school in China and is currently a member of both provincial and the National Artists Association in China. He emigrated to America in the 1983 during the time when many artists fled to the USA for artistic freedom of expression. He resided in New York as well as in Los Angeles throughout the years that he painted in America.

Law came from a financially independent family in China but wanted to find his own way as a creative artist. With his family’s support he came to the USA and formed a relationship with Arnot Gallery. As with so many young artists from China, Law was concerned that his name would be a hindrance in selling his paintings and adopted a Westernized pen name of ‘Lawrence’.

Law’s Impressionist style of painting with a dry brush technique is one very familiar to the artists schooled in China. It is common in the art academies in China to be taught by French professors or Chinese professors who were taught and influenced by the French artists. This very unique ‘handwriting’ belonged to the young artists out of the China art academies and became a ‘thumbprint’ of the artists entering the art market in the USA in the 1980’s.

Today Law is living and painting in Guangzhou, China. He is also creating large scale sculptures which are displayed in parks and public buildings in China. Law has received awards from both national and provincial art exhibitions.