Latrelle Dubose

Latrelle Dubose is a native of Savannah, Georgia and currently lives in Atlanta. Born into a family of artists and performers, she was encouraged at an early age to develop her interest in art. She went on to study art at the Savannah College of Art and Design from which she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.
The Artist admits to having a love affair with colors and to having fun creating her art. This approach is evident in her work – in the kaleidoscope of colors she uses, the uncommon physiology of her figurative work and the playful whimsy of some of her subjects.
But behind the fun is a thoughtful exploration of human psychology and a serious intent to communicate powerful emotions. Latrelle executes facial features in a dual profile to illustrate, she says, ‘the dichotomy of the inner person’. Colors, too, are often assigned emotional traits and many of her themes are really allegories of our journey through life.
The artist has exhibited in solo and group shows in Atlanta and many cities in the South. Collectors of her work include Ambassador Andrew Young, Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman and publisher Earl Graves.