Jill Tishman

ā€œI am an artist who paints landscapes because the earth is my first love. When Iā€™m in nature, I never feel alone ā€“ I always feel the presence of a spiritual force.

My paintings rarely include people, because the presence of a human seems to take away from my communication with nature. I want the viewer to experience the passion and energy of a storm, or the threat of a natural disaster.

I see myself as a fragile, rather insignificant being surrounded by the forces of nature. Rather than paint what my eyes see, I paint what I feel as I view nature: the sun shining on a dirt path in a forest becomes a safe, comforting haven; the dense fog moving through a Redwood forest becomes a blanket of solitude and
introspection; the dark, thundering clouds of a storm become violent energy, threatening destruction. I always perceive human qualities in nature.ā€

Jill Tishman was born in San Francisco, California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in philosophy from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, and is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. In addition, she earned a Certificate in Documentary Studies from the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in California and the Santa Fe Institute of Art. She has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and her work is in many public and private collections.