Iwan Tirta

Iwan Tirta dedicated his life to introducing batik to the world. He was a world-famous maestro well known for his legendary batik collections, exquisite fabric designs, and extravagant fashion shows.

Long before his name was synonymous with luxury batik, Iwan Tirta led a privileged life in London and New York. Born in Blora, a small town in Central Java, Iwan Tirta graduated from Yale Law School—a distinctive achievement for an Indonesian at the time. He discovered his passion for batik as he immersed himself in a research on the culture of Central Java. He spent countless hours studying and documenting batik in many Indonesian villages and eventually published his first book on this textile heritage in 1962.

From then on, Iwan Tirta began his journey in preserving batik through modern innovations. Combining his vast knowledge on batik with glamorous fashion sensibilities, he was known to have impressively created more than 10,000 original batik designs during his lifetime. His signature designs are easily recognizable through eye-catching large and bold patterns that draw attention to the wearer. His creations have been worn by countless admirers, from world leaders to celebrities to other elite clientele both famous and anonymous, and prominently featured in international magazines, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and National Geographic.

From a specialized workshop situated in South Jakarta, Iwan Tirta masterfully created his sumptuous creations along with a number of closely knit experienced artisans. He believed that every piece of cloth they created inherited the sukma—inner soul—of its maker for the merit of the wearer. It was this philosophy and his innate love for batik that constantly encouraged him to keep innovating on the storied tradition until his passing.

As he once said, “I didn’t create batik, but I preserved and nurtured it like a caretaker.” From his designs to achievements, Iwan Tirta had left a truly unparalleled legacy that shall live on in the future.