Isa Catto

Isa Catto’s work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. She has spent the last fifteen years working in watercolor and mixed media, as well as teaching workshops at arts centers worldwide. She lives in Woody Creek, CO, with her husband and two children. She received her BA from Williams College, Parsons School of Design in New York and University of Colorado at Boulder. She has taught at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado, the Michael Kohler Arts Center, San Antonio Center for Arts and Crafts, and the Austin Museum of Art.

Isa Catto states, “I believe art can be suggestive and thought provoking, yet still be beautiful and infused with whimsy. I am first and foremost a colorist, and that sensibility informs both my paintings and collages, no matter what their content or subject may be. More often than not, that content or subject has roots in the natural, organic world or in the eternal, universal expressiveness of symbols. I have always found beauty and relevance in recurring symbols and in the realms of mythology and the subconscious, and I draw primarily from this language and these images in my work.”