Ilham Mahfouz

I am an Arab-American Artist. I was born in Damascus, Syria. I came to the United States in 1972. I had the privilege of having the best of two cultures and the adventures of a new world guided by the upbringing of an old world.

Life is a journey of adventures and experiences,accompanied by joyful and sad memories. You will have to swallow the bitter tastes to appreciate the sweet ones.

Memories of childhood that you cling to for security will take you to a higher level of transcendence and uncharted territory; only if you are willing to take chances for exploring and learning to reach the stars.

I was fortunate to study art with the many instructors, some of whom are mentioned here. I studied the art of Raku with Mr. Robert Piepenberg, ceramics with Mrs. Suzanne Stephenson, and painting with Mr. Barry Avedan.