Gloria Petyarre

Gloria Tamerre Petyarre was one of the original artists who participated in the successful 1977 Utopia Women’s Batik program. In 1989, following the success of this program, Gloria and other women artists participated in CAAMA’s “A Summer Project” using acrylic paint on canvas for the first time. Gloria is the niece of the acclaimed artist, Emily Kngwarreye and one of seven sisters who are also artists.

Working within a traditional framework, Gloria’s paintings are individualistic and contemporary, based on ceremonial body paint designs for her Dreamings as well as an abstract expression of her connection to and understanding of the land.

Gloria held her first solo exhibition in 1991. Her paintings are in the collection of almost every major art gallery in Australia and in numerous private collections in Australia and overseas.

In 1999 Gloria was awarded the Wynne Prize for Landscape painting from the Art Gallery of NSW, being the first indigenous artist to receive the prize.