Dean Larson

Paintings are crafted through a search and exploration of the world around us. They are subjects that visually excites the eye. Shapes, values, colors, and modeling are combined with modern subject matter to emphasize captivating compositions and enhance the effects of fleeting, shimmering light juxtaposed against mysterious, transparent shadows. Studies generally begin with the center of interest, somewhere near the middle of the picture plane and then work out from there and become simpler toward areas of lesser interest. The work has a restless, experimental nature that often defies catagorization. The way light reveals itself is often the most important aspect of the subject. In addition to capturing how the light hits the subject, the process also emphasizes variety, unequal distribution of shapes, textures and edges. The work is not meant to teach any particular viewpoint, but to open up a reflection of a view of the world around us and the connection between our environment and with each other.