David Wiseman

In his studio practice, David Wiseman draws upon traditions of time-honored craftsmanship and experimentation of contemporary design methods to create poetic and sculptural work spanning the spectrum of fine and decorative arts. His body of work to date includes large scale public art, furniture, wall and ceiling relief, chandeliers, vases, candlesticks, mirrors, objects, jewelry and continues to grow. Wiseman’s pieces offer his unique renderings of extraordinary natural phenomena, such as blossoming branches in porcelain and bronze, the tangle of a pomegranate tree’s canopy beautifully orchestrated across a ceiling, or a bird hidden in a bronze fireplace screen. In his lighting installations, found and fabricated elements such as illuminated branches, faceted glacial crystals and whimsical ornamentation from his world of decorative objects mingle to create his Collage Chandeliers. His commitment to immersing himself in traditional materials and methods in order to achieve the goals of his unique aesthetic imparts the work with a permanence found in cherished objects of the past, purposefully employed to realize his truly original vision.

Wiseman has made site-specific installations for public institutions, international brands and private collections. Recently, he completed his first major solo exhibition at R 20th Century, where he introduced a complete dining room tableau, terrazzo and bronze furniture, enameled mirrors, as well as new lighting installations and editions in porcelain, glass and bronze.

Wiseman, a 2003 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), lives and works in Los Angeles.