Bruce Park

I have been drawing, painting along with printmaking for over 40 years and achieved a BFA in drawing and an MFA in painting. My professional art career began in 1986 and I currently make my living doing both fine art and graphic design. In the last 35 years I have participated in 80 solo/two person exhibitions and over 120 group/invitational exhibitions. My paintings belong to more than 80 corporate, public and private collections.

Both the chalk pastel and oils are my primary mediums that I use to paint the Montana and regional landscape. I enjoy outdoor plein-air painting as the weather permits and the comfort of my studio when it is stormy or too cold. I can be reached through my website is on my Facebook page and at my Etsy shop both at BruceParkArts.

“It wasn’t until I began to focus on the landscape that I started to understand my own creativity, while working intuitively with color and light. This is when I began to truly recognize and share my unique personal experience with the landscape. For me, it is not just being able to draw a contour or to understand the proportional relation of shapes or to convey color and texture. It is painting what I feel about my connection with the earth.
I intuitively choose colors for the sensation of the light and land, while using many layers. In hope to capture the depth and feeling of luminous light as it plays upon a vast and panoramic western landscape or the softness of fleeting clouds.

My personal connection with the earth has become my greatest desire of what I wish to share in my paintings. My dream is that if I am truly successful, others will resonate too, remembering their own connection to this beautiful home we call earth.”