Benjamin Dominguez

Born in Jimenez, Chihuahua, in 1942, Benjamín Domínguez, who presently resides in Mexico City, has lectured in Mexico’s most distinguished art schools and museums such as: The Rufino Tamayo Museum, The Cultural Center of Chihuahua, The Cultural Center for the Ministry of Finance of Mexico, the National School for the Visual Arts in Mexico City, among others. He has exhibited in important museums and galleries in Mexico, as well as in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Benjamín Domínguez’s approach to his subject matter covers a wide gamut of techniques: the bold use of color and simplicity in art, naive art, the classical preoccupation with detail, and re-interpretation of the Flemish school of art. Famous for painting works that possess qualities of “more than meets the eye”, Dominguez’s hidden symbolism often sublimely depicts a dark side that can easily go unrecognized.

Domínguez is famous for his use of original Renaissance painting techniques, which he combines with contemporary culture and art history. He creates a fascinating and startling concoction of lavish gold repoussé and luxurious fabrics contrasted with our current world of tattoos, motorcycles, myth, and magic.