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  • ZAGREB 2015
  • ABUJA ANNEX 2015
  • MUSCAT 2013

Featured Artists

  • Andrew EsieboAndrew EsieboVIEW

    Andrew Esiebo started out in photography by chronicling the rapid development of urban Nigeria as well as the country's rich culture and heritage. As his work began to gain international recognition, Andrew's started to explore new creative territory, integrating multimedia practice with the investi...
  • Simeen FarhatSimeen FarhatVIEW

    Born: 1968, Karachi, Pakistan Lives and works in Dallas, Karachi, Europe Statement: Words -- written or spoken, understood or misunderstood, poetic or prosaic, curvilinear or rectilinear, on the computer screen, or on paper -- are what motivate me to create my visual narrative. I am fascinated ...
  • W. RichardsonW. RichardsonVIEW

    My paintings begin with a grid and a ruled, measured drawing. The geometric armatures are developed and defined by a layering of painterly processes where countervailing elements leave their imprints on each other, interpenetrating and interacting with constructive interference. The resulting space ...
  • Mónica FerrerasMónica FerrerasVIEW

    Mónica Ferreras is a contemporary Dominican artist. She uses several medias to express herself: painting, drawing, installation, and video art. Her work creates a dialogue between conceptual art and abstract art. Ferreras De la Maza have been selected amongst the 14 artists for the XXV Concurso de...


The Embassy of the United States in Ottawa and the U.S. Department of State's Office of Art in Embassies, in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada (NGC), will welcome renowned American artist Stephen Wilkes for the fourth lecture in the Contemporary Conversations series on November 19.

Contemporary Conversations (#artconvoAIE) brings internationally recognized American artists to Canada for a series of public lectures at the NGC intended to stimulate conversation around issues that transcend borders, and topics that inspire, teach, and create connections. Works by the first four artists in the series are also included in the Art in Embassies exhibition at the residence of U.S. Ambassador - read more>

November 5, 2015

Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Biden Honor 5 Native Artists at the VP’s Home - Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, honored five Native American and Alaskan Native artists last night in a reception at their home in Washington DC. In addition to honoring the artists, the Bidens displayed a framed print from each of the artists on the walls of their foyer and living room.

The reception was in honor of artists Tony Abeyta (Navajo), Crystal Worl (Tlingit Athabascan), Jeff Kahm (Plains Cree), Courtney Leonard (Shinnecock Nation) and Dan Namingha (Tewa-Hopi) as well as a celebration of a collaboration between the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) and the - read more>

October 29, 2015

This past week, Thapong artists were treated to a four day workshop which was organized by the Art in Embassies Program. Curator of Cultural Programs at the Art in Embassies for the US Department of State, Welmoed Laanstra explained that “cross cultural exchange is important to us. The last exchange we had in Botswana was in 2012 and it feels good to be back again. The beauty about this project is that these American artists who usually come here to share their works do it out of the goodness of their hearts, they are not paid to be here, they have projects that they are doing back home and to be a part of this program they usually put whatever projects they are doing on a halt and travel with - read more>

October 28, 2015

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