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  • MUSCAT 2016
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  • PANAMA 2016
  • KATHMANDU 2015

Featured Artists

  • Deborah CorsiniDeborah CorsiniVIEW

    My art is woven. My exploration and passion for this medium has been a lifelong pursuit. I have experimented with a variety of weaving techniques from ikat (warp faced dyed yarns), rag rug weaving, tablet weaving, and surface design (woven shibori) but my primary body of work and art is with tapestr...
  • Halim AlkarimHalim AlkarimVIEW

    A native of Najaf, Iraq, Halim Al-Karim studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad and the Ritveld Academy in Amsterdam. He underwent a harrowing experience during the first Gulf War. Opposing Saddam’s regime and its compulsory military service he took to hiding in the desert, living for almos...
  • Jo Ann BiaginiJo Ann BiaginiVIEW

    My multilayered pieces have their beginnings in discarded books that reflect my interests in reading and the beauty of nature. I reconfigure book pages and play off their images and meanings using drawing, painting, image transfer, collage and sanding. As I work the surfaces using these additive and...
  • Richard YardeRichard YardeVIEW

    Richard Foster Yarde was born in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston in 1939 to emigrant parents from Barbados, West Indies. He attended the Boston Public Schools and graduated from Boston University where he received both a BFA cum laude and an MFA degree. As a teacher, he has trained generations of...


American Ambassador exclusively for “Gloria” presents the art collection which she selected for her Zagreb residence together with State Department curators, but the most important advisor in forming the collection was her mom.

To all those who for the first time visit the residence of Julieta Valls Noyes, the U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, the hostess will with unhidden pleasure and pride first show a representative collection of paintings and photographs by thirteen contemporary American artists. She has decorated the walls of her residence, a beautiful house with a spectacular garden on Tuskanac, with the artwork of her choice, which will be on display for as long as she is the Ambassador to - read more>

August 15, 2016

Nepali Times - Every piece tells a story and you can relate to it despite being a Nepali or an American. In the small hallway connecting two wings of US Ambassador Alaina B Teplitz’s living room in Kathmandu hangs Shannon Szczekot’s colour photograph of prayer flags hovering against a backdrop of a blue sky in Colorado. At first glance, visitors think it is a picture from Nepal, and it is this similarity that made Teplitz include the photograph among new works by American artists to adorn her residence in Kamaladi.

“Every piece tells a story and you can relate to it despite being a Nepali or an American,” Teplitz told Nepali Times during a gathering to introduce guests to artworks by 10 American - read more>

April 29, 2016

Montreal Gazette - The Embassy of the United States in Ottawa and the U.S. Department of State's Office of Art in Embassies, in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada, will welcome internationally renowned American artist Theaster Gates on May 12th as the second speaker in the 2016 Contemporary Conversations series.

Contemporary Conversations (#artconvoAIE) invites iconic American artists to Ottawa for discussions on topics that transcend national borders, inspire critical thinking, and connect people across cultures. After Gates, the series will bring artist Anne Chu (September 29th) to the Gallery for the final 2016 Contemporary Conversation. Each artist's lecture is accompanied by - read more>

April 28, 2016

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