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Serving Abroad...Through Their Eyes
Thank You to all of the military, foreign and civil service personnel that submitted the 3,267 images to the Department of State and Department of Defenses’ collaborative photography project Serving Abroad…Through Their Eyes.

The response has been remarkable. The project resulted in so many inspiring images it was a challenge for the first working panel (listed here) to winnow them down, but they did, and the project has a list of 89 finalist photographers.

Elizabeth Krist, Senior Picture Editor, National Geographic Magazine
Jeremy Lock, six-time recipient, Military Photographer of the Year, U.S. Air Force
Dave McIntyre, President & CEO, TriWest Health Care Alliance
Martha Raddatz, Chief Foreign Correspondent, ABC
Virginia Shore, Chief Curator & Deputy Director, Art in Embassies
Joao Silva, Staff Photographer, The New York Times
Sarah Tanguy, Curator, Art in Embassies
Michael Williamson, Staff Photographer, The Washington Post

Congratulations to the (89) eighty-nine finalist photographers, they are listed here in alphabetical order: 

Adam Allegro
Alda Kauffeld
Alvin Williams
Alyson McFarland
Andrew Hyde
Andrew Smith
Andy Dunaway
Angel Santiago
Bao Huynh
Ben Becker
Benjamin Altenes
Benjamin T. Taggart
Benjamin Vilina
Brian Henriksen
Brien Aho
Cecilio Ricardo
Chad D. Nelson
Cody Ornbaun
Cohen A. Young
Cristina Piosa
Dan Love
Daniel McCarey
David P Coleman
Dawn Price
Dean Franchuk
Derek Brown
Edward A. Garibay
Edward Johnson
Eric Davis
F.T. Eyre
Francisco V. Govea II
German Sanchez
Greg Miller
Gregory Shaw
Harold Bonacquist
Heidi Agostini
Helen Miller
James R. Hardy
Jason Dorsey
Jason H. Smith
Jason R. Krawczyk
Jayson Rivas
Jeanette Garner
Jennifer Mellone
Jeremy Lock
Johancharles Van Boers
John Rutledge
Johnny Bivera
Jonathan P. Howard
Joseph Sucher
Joseph Swafford
Joshua Strang
Kaily J. Brown
Kanishka Gangopadhyay
Ken Scar
Kent Morris
Kyle Murphy
Luke Thelen
Manuel J. Martinez
Marc Tkach
Mark Burrell
Mark Fayloga
Matthew J. Britton
Matthew Moeller
Meg E. Riggs
Megan Porter
Michael McClellan
Michele A. Desrochers
Mikkela Thompson
Monica K. Smith
Ray Abraham Garza
Reece Lodder
Robert B. Mooney
Russell Lee Klika
Ryan A. Boas
Ryan Crane
Scott Schmidt
Shane Bernskoetter
Stacy L. Pearsall
Stephen J. Otero
Susan DeCamp
Susan Malcik
Susan Marie Carl
Teddy Wade
Terri A. Rorke
Tiffany Evans
Vanessa Fleitz
Wayne Clark
William Steele

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